Kunstlavendel (2)

  • Lavendelblume in Betontopf hell

    11,99 €
  • Lavendelblume in Betontopf dunkel

    11,99 €

Artificial Lavender
Introduce the charm of the English countryside to your home with Homescapes’ range of artificial lavender plants. Potted inside decorative vases, these small faux lavender flowers look great on kitchen windowsills, inside your conservatory or even on a shelf to brighten up your home.

Traditional English Lavender
In light lilac and dark purple, browse the range of artificial lavender plants from Homescapes. Having been delicately handcrafted by experts, every petal and stem looks incredibly realistic and lifelike. These artificial plants have been created using a special, soft silk-like polyester, that has been UV treated to ensure that the colour does not fade over time.