Artificial Cactus & Succulents

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Artificial Cactus

A large range of artificial cactus and artificial succulents that have been carefully handcrafted from top quality materials, this fake cactus collection is one of the largest in the UK. Choose from a range of varieties and sizes, all potted in decorative, colourful or stone pots. From the popular prickly pear cactus to the traditional saguaro cactus, this range of artificial cactus has been carefully and exclusively designed with style and botanical accuracy in mind. A decorative home accessory ideal for windowsill, bedside table, side table or even office desk decoration, it will be difficult to tell these faux plants from the real thing.

Artificial Succulents

A plant that has been loved for many years and has become the must-have plant for home styling, Homescapes faux succulents and cactus plants will liven up a room, introduce a bohemian style to a living space or make the perfect gift for loved ones and new homeowners. Each fake cactus has been carefully handcrafted from a strong and durable poly foam which is UV treated for lasting colour and feature lifelike spines and colourful flowers. Potted in an array of decorative pots that include replica stone Buddha heads, geometric pattern textured bowls and metallic plant pots. With many varieties to choose they are perfect for mixing and matching to create a natural and botanical looking living space.